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Welcome to our support platform for setting up an International Sculpture Symposium.

We firmly believe that an offer to the general public of an event in monumental sculptures is a real opportunity to meet art and artists.

The involvement of the social partners in the economic fabric of the region of each Symposium is a fundamental requirement for its smooth running.

Observation, dialogues, pedagogy are the key words that connect us to the public.

During a sculpture symposium everyone can get involved with the artists, because our objective is to support neophytes.

Thanks to exchanges with professional sculptor artists, we develop the spirit, the heart, which allow everyone to be sensitive to art and even try their hand at creation through introductory sculpture workshops.

Monumental sculptures are now permanently installed in parks and French cities but also throughout the world: this is how each Symposium allows the sharing of international cultures and offers the possibility of public facilities through the works produced.

hout the world: this is how each Symposium allows international cultures to be shared.

The origins

The concept of an international sculpture symposium was born in Austria in 1959 on the initiative of sculptor artists wishing to improve exchanges between them.
In France, it was not until 1967 that the first international sculpture symposium was born in the city of Grenoble by public order.
The first sculpture symposia focused solely on limestone and marble thanks to partnerships and sponsorships of companies specializing in the extraction and marketing of stone, thus highlighting their materials.

If this event promotes intellectual and professional exchanges between artists, it also creates a cultural offer for local populations by immersing them in the act of artistic creation.

By organizing an International Sculpture Symposium, we offer local authorities and private companies access to a series of monumental sculptures.


Cities, Communities of Communes:

  • Insertion in urban areas and in cultural sites frequented by the local population of monumental sculptures.
  • Creation of cultural events in which local populations and artists from different countries meet and exchange.
  • Provoke educational encounters for the youngest around sculpture.

Private companies :

  • Furnishing of premises or sites with works by internationally known artists.
  • Propose artistic solutions using materials from their own catalog (companies that deal with steel, wood, concrete, stone) but also on less known materials: Hay, Snow, Ice, plastic recycling following a public collection.


To offer communities or major accounts monumental sculptures, made in public, which will later become their artistic heritage.

Creation of an international artistic event which will offer:
The spectacular “live” creation of monumental sculptures.
The meeting of the public with international professional artists at work in a highly educational event.
Lectures and public presentations by international artists.
A group exhibition of sculptures during the symposium.
The opportunity to learn about sculpture.
A cultural exchange in collaboration between international artists and local artists. The sculpture symposium is an opportunity for artists to share their experiences, concepts and information about their artistic activity. This event also gives artists the opportunity to start collaborating internationally.

Implementation of a further development of mobile sculpture workshops organized according to the requests generated by the “active” public encountered during the Symposium.


We support you in the development and structuring of your project to create a sculpture symposium, a cultural event that will highlight your region or your company.
The artistic director offers personalized support.
You will have his skills in monumental sculpture as well as his experiences whether as an artistic director but also as an artist adept at this type of artistic encounter.
Whether it’s a creation of your first symposium, technical advice for the organization or the choice of artists, our artistic director will know how to meet your expectations, he will be the guarantor of the smooth running of your event.

As a means of communication in its own right, partnership and cultural patronage offer many possibilities.

  • Promoting a brand or product.
  • Media visibility (banner, panel during the event).
  • Fiscal advantages.
  • Marketing strategy
  • Valuation of involvement in a department.
  • Image enrichment.
  • Actor of local cultural development.


The sculpture symposium is a time for sharing knowledge between artists, but also with the public.

It is on this desire to transmit the profession and to make it known that we propose the holding of initiation workshops in stone sculpture.

The particularity of these « Discovery » workshops is to propose the creation of a monumental common sculpture, an event in which the local population becomes an actor in the sculpture symposium.

This completed sculpture will become an intergenerational link, anchored in the local landscape.


As a means of communication in its own right, partnership and cultural patronage offer many possibilities.

Promotion of a brand or product.
Media visibility (banner, panel during the event).
Fiscal advantages.
Marketing strategy
Valuation of involvement in a department.
Image enrichment.
Actor of local cultural development.
Become a partner
You can contribute to the creation of a sculpture symposium and participate in proposing a cultural event on your territory to all audiences and thus forge social ties by contributing to the organization?

We are at your disposal for:

You support in this process and set up, together, the best combination for the financial package.
Solicitation of other local or national partners in order to propose an offer adapted to the event (supplier of raw materials, tools, specialized media, art galleries, artistic material stores).
An artist residency in your company in the form of a sculpture symposium? Offer a new dimension to your company by cultural inclusion in your local accesses on the development of your National and International attractiveness.

At the crossroads of your company and the artistic world in the field of sculpture, your sculpture symposium in residence will be an additional asset in your field by inviting artists to research and work on a theme that you have previously defined.

The sculptures made enhance your activity, but they can also be the subject of new product launches.